Transform Green Material into Art

I wanted to do something to help reduce the landfill and I believe that Green” material is the thing to use. It is amazing what you can do and what you can create through the creative transformation… I love the idea of people wearing my jewelry to make a statement for the earth. Also I love the process of creating it. I think that artist creating from found objects is similar to the ancients that created from what they found in their own environment. I am hoping that someday a piece of my art will be found and held by someone in the future who ask the same question we do when holding an ancient piece of pottery. Plastics is a new art material.. and it can be beautiful when seen through an artist’s eye..







Online e-course where I teach you how to transform “Green” material into beautiful art and the power of creative alchemy.



4 thoughts on “Transform Green Material into Art

    • thanks for that Patricia. I do love be an alchemist in my studio and transforming green material it is amazing what you can do with plastic and Styrofoam… This is a project that I will getting back to soon as well as my doll as and fiber art wished there were more hours in the day but I already get up at 3:30 o well. Joy

      • 3:30! Good Lord! lol I’d have to drink a lot of tea to get up that early… or go to bed by 7pm the latest ;P

        I could easily do with another 12 to 18 hours in the day lol The kids and cooking really take up the majority of my time. I love them dearly, yet am looking forward to when they can cook for ME instead and I can just do art all day lol

        I hope you’re considering putting together an eco-jewelry paid class for online Joy. I know I’m not alone when I say that is something I would definitely pay you to learn how to do ❤

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