Eco Jewelry Created with “Green” Material and Found Objects

Ancient artifacts and amulets.3pg Artifacts and Amulets2 DSC01253 DSC01260 DSC01261 DSC01262 DSC02099 DSC02101 DSC02102 DSC02103 DSC02104 DSC02157 DSC02158 DSC02159 DSC02235 DSC02236 DSC02237 DSC02256 DSC02261 DSC03126 DSC06529 DSC06531 DSC06533 DSC06534 DSC08080 DSC08081 DSC08082 DSC08083 DSC08084 DSC08085 DSC08086 DSC08087 DSC08088 DSC08114 DSC08118 DSC08119 DSC08120 DSC08121 DSC08122 DSC08123 DSC08124 DSC08126 DSC08718 DSC09193 DSC09195 DSC09488 DSC09490 DSC09491 DSC09493 DSC09495 DSC09499 DSC09500 DSC09501 DSC09502 DSC09565 DSC09961 DSC09966 Eco Art eco art

Plastic is Beautiful2 Plastic is Beautiful3 Plastic is beautiful6 Recently Updated2DSC09499DSC09195DSC08718DSC08080DSC09500DSC09491

I share my creative process and what I do to transform plastics, Styrofoam, and found objects to create my Eco Jewelry through the alchemy of experimenting in my art studio